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Vilém Wünsche ( December 1, 1900 in Senov - May 3, 1984, ibid.) painter, draftsman and illustrator

Studied under prof. Hofbauer and Benda at the School of Applied Arts in Prague (1922 - 1923), at the private painting school of F. Engelmüller ( 1923 - 1924 ) and prof. Loukota, Svabinsky, Obrovsky at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague ( 1924 - 1931 ) . He was a scholarship holder at the Paris Academy ( 1927 - 1928 ). His rich work includes drawing, painting, book illustration and graphics. He was interested in the industrial landscape of the Ostrava region, mainly in figural compositions using both the open landscape and views of the city streets, factory yards and halls, typical Ostrava characters and scenes from their life. In his paintings he emphasized outline drawings and the culture of color recitation. Between 1927 - 1949 member of the Moravian-Silesian Association of Fine Artists in Ostrava, member of the creative group Bezruč. Represented in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague and other state and private collections.