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Frantisek Hlavica ( January 23, 1885 in Vsetin - July 16, 1952 there ) painter

He studied at the Vocational School for Woodworking in Valasské Mezirici, then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague with Prof. Schwaiger (1907).
During the First World War he also painted on the front, after the war he settled in Brno, where he was one of the leading personalities with his brothers Emil and Rudolf cultural Brno of its time. In 1928 he was appointed professor of drawing at Brno University of Technology, and in 1938 he was dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering. He devoted himself to oils, pastels, temperas and watercolors. He designed opera tours. He portrayed personalities of cultural and social life. In 1931 he built a cottage in Kohutka where he painted. At the end of his life he lived in Vsetín. Member of the club of visual artists Ales in Brno, with whom he exhibited in Brno, Vsetin, Valasské Mezirici, Prostejov. He took part in Zlín salons. He had a large solo exhibition in Prague at Prague Castle in 1940, and in 1948 at the Slavonic House in Prague.