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Cyril Bouda, baptized Cyrill Mikolas Bouda (November 14, 1901 Kladno - August 29, 1984 Prague) painter, graphic artist, illustrator and teacher

He was born in Kladno, but spent most of his life in Prague. Both Cyril Bouda's parents were artists; her father was a high school drawing professor, her mother Anna was an artist and industrial artist, and a sister of sculptors Stanislav and Vojtěch Sucharda. His godfather was Mikolas Ales.
In 1923, Bouda graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Prague with Frantisek Kysela. He was also an assistant to T. F. Simon at the Academy of Fine Arts. From 1946 to 1972 he worked as a teacher at and later as a professor at the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague and Brandys nad Labem (1964-1972).
He first focused on free graphics (dry point, color etching, lithography) and painting paintings. However, he is known primarily as a versatile and very diligent author of applied graphics. All his life he worked as an illustrator of books, especially fairy tales, Czech legends, humor and historical books (eg Prague Legends of Frantisek Langer, Old Legends of Prague's Vaclav Cibula, Kocourkov). He also transformed his illustrations into cartoons (for example, the tale Pot of Cook!). He has mastered many graphic techniques, wood engraving and copper engraving, etching and especially lithography. Among other things, he was a graphic designer-designer of Czechoslovak stamps. He also created designs for stained-glass windows (in St. Vitus Cathedral). He also created tapestries, bookbinding, stamps, designed one banknote.