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Otakar Cila ( 10. 3. 1894 in Nova Paka - 28. 3. 1977 in Nova Paka )  painter, legionnaire

He was taught in Nova Paka by the painter Josef Muhl. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague in 1913 - 1914. He completed his studies after his return from the war in the portrait special of prof. Vratislav Nechleba. He then devoted himself to portraiture, but he also painted impressive landscapes with ponds and swamps. In 1919 he created a design for postal stamps of Czechoslovakia legions in Russia and the Kolcak government in Siberia. In 1920, he brought many figural paintings from China and India. After the end of World War II he joined the fight against Communism. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. There he fully developed his portrait skills. He portrayed his fellow prisoners and thus documented the faces of political prisoners of the communist regime. He died as a hero of the I., II. and III. resistance.