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Jozef Šturdík (13.3. 1920 in Křižovany u Trnavy - 14.11. 1992 in Bratislava) - painter, graphic artist, illustrator

He studied drawing and painting at SVŠT in Bratislava (1939-1941), at the Academy of Vienna (1943-1945) and the monumental painting during a scholarship stay at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris (1946). It was French art, especially the work of Bonnard that impressed him the most. He focused on painting of figures (acts, self portraits), drawing and illustration (P. Országh-Hviezdoslav, K. Mácha, A. Plávka, I. Krasko), later he painted impressive landscapes. His work is characterized by vibrant brush strokes, bright and contrasting color, rough black contour. He was represented in the collections of SNG and GMB in Bratislava, in the Gallery M. A. Bazovského in Trenčín, in NG in Prague and elsewhere.

Independent exhibitions (selection)

1941 - Trencin (with V. Chmel and R. Pribiš), 1955 - Bratislava, 1975 - Cairo and Alexandria (Egypt), Berlin (Germany), Verses on the pallet, 1978 - Ulanbátar (Mongolia), Landscape from home and travel, 1985 - Bratislava, SNG.

Collective exhibitions (selection)

1960 - Bratislava, Group 29 August, 1963 - Bratislava, GMB, Illustration of children's book, 1971 - Cairo and Alexandria (Egypt), 1983 - Tokyo, Czechoslovak art.

Awards (selection)

1973 - A Merciful Artist. 1980 - National Artist.