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Jaroslav Král (December 5, 1883 Malešov at Kutná Hora - March 22, 1942 concentration camp Auschwitz) painter, draftsman

S: He studied Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (1901-04, E. C. Liška, A. Hofbauer, J. Preisler, S. Sucharda) and then the Academy (AVU) in Prague (V. Hynais). Trips abroad - 1907 Dresden, 1911 Munich, 1924 and 1934 Paris, 1926 Italy. 1908-10 lived in Prague, 1910-16 in Písek, Mladá Boleslav and Svolšina near Střílek in Moravia, from 1916 permanently in Brno, where he was teacher at grammar school.