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Ota Janeček (15.8. 1919 in Pardubice - 1.7. 1996 in Prague) - painter, graphic artist, illustrator

He studied drawing and descriptive geometry at the CTU in Prague, from 1941 to 1942 he was a student of the AAAD in Prague (Prof. Josef Novák). Janeček is the characteristic representative of the so-called Second World War generation. His work included painting, sculpture, free graphics (woodcut, linocut, dry needle, lithography, combined technique, color aquatint, serigraphy), book illustration as well as applied work (stamp production, book production, etc.). He also dealt with textile, plastic and jewelery. His basic inspirational source was nature. Since 1943 Janeček has been influenced by Cubism. His drawings accompanied the collections of poems of F. Halas, V. Nezval, J. Seifert and the works of classics W. Shakespeare, O. Wild, D. Diderot, G. Flaubert and others.

Independent exhibitions (selection)

1942 - Prague, Mazáč Exhibition Hall Elán, 1945 - Prague, Pošova Gallery, 1946 - Prague, Graphic Art Cabinet, 1948 - Zlín, School of Applied Arts

Collective exhibitions (selection)

1957 - Beijing, Cs. book illustrations, 1963,1965 - London, Grosvenor Gallery, Sculpture for the Home, 1977 - Prague, Czech illustrators for children

Book illustration (selection)

1953 - Jean de la Fontaine: Seven Fables, 1959 - I. Olbracht: Golet in the Valley, 1963 - D. Diderot: The Nun, 1964 - W. Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Awards (selection)

1957, 1960, 1968, 1969 - Awards in The Most Beautiful Book of the Year competition, Prague. 1963 - Gold medal for illustration at the Biennial of Sao Paolo, Brazil.