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Karel Svolinsky ( January 14, 1896 St. Kopecek near Olomouc - September 16, 1986 Prague ) painter, graphic artist, illustrator, set designer, pedagogue

He trained as a carver in Prague (1910 - 1916), studied graphics and painting with prof. S. Zalesak and a statue by prof. B. Kafka at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague ( 1919 - 1926 ) . After his injury, he was forced to focus on graphics and murals, which he graduated from prof. F. Kysela there ( 1922 -1927 ) . In 1928 he received a state scholarship. He worked in a special studio of applied graphics as a leader and professor at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague ( 1945 - 1970 ) . In his work, he focused mainly on drawing, but he was a versatile artist. He drew from folk art. The drawing is characterized by a sensitive, thin, drawn line, the color only indicatively colors the drawing-defined shape. His work is close to folk expression and poetry, into which he transforms reality. He also devoted himself to drawing studies of movement ( dance and sport ) , he used them in the design of dance folk costumes ( for the J. Jerabkova Group - Slovak Dances, Moravian duets ) . He created almost all graphic techniques.