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Karel Havlata ( November 9, 1885 in Mnichovo Hradiste - December 30, 1957 in Nova Paka, Borovnice ) painter and mineralogist

He studied privately at the academic painter Václav Kretschmer in Nova Paka. He worked in this painting workshop from 1899 to 1911, when he became independent. He was a landscape painter, he painted foothill landscapes and still life. His work continued the tradition of well-known painting workshops in Nová Paka. It was not easy, sometimes he had to adapt to the tastes of the customer, but he did not avoid painting the horizons of nativity scenes as well, his decorations and invitations to gallows of the New Sokol were famous. His painting skills made him a sought after landscape painter, where the main theme is the Giant Mountains, Novopacko and Bohemian Paradise. He did not even avoid portraits and portraits, but as a passionate collector of precious stones and quartz wood he often painted their deposits. His collection of minerals was open to the public. For the well-known Landscape Exhibition in 1935, he painted the painting "Perm Landscape". His painting skills are also illustrated by the fact that in 1955, two years before his death, he painted a fresco on the wall of an araukarite display case at Suchard's house.