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Míla Pačová - Krčmářová (April 11, 1887, Prague - March 20, 1957) painter, illustrator and especially actress

She studied painting with her father, architect Gustav Pač, and privately for five years with prof. Ferdinand Engelmüller, since 1910 in the studio of the Académie de la Grande Chaumiére in Paris. Since 1920 she has been a member of the drama of the Theater in Vinohrady in Prague, and since 1934 of the National Theater in Prague. She devoted herself to landscape painting and drawing, especially caricature. She exhibited in Topič's and Rubeš's salon in Prague, with the Club of Friends of Art in Brno and elsewhere. She has devoted herself to painting and drawing, especially funny caricatures, but she has chosen acting as her career.