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František Hořava (24.7. 1906 in Opatovice u Rajhradu - 28.5. 1974 in Brno) - sculptor, painter

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1922-1925) and a special school for modeling at O. Gutfreund (1925-1927). He continued to study in Paris at E. A. Bourdello. He devoted himself to figurative work, portraits and genre scenes; later he preferred social and work themes. He created the memorial of Maryčka Magdonová in Staré Hamry and the memorial of T.G. Masaryk in Rajhrad.

Separate exhibitions

1925, 1935 - Brno, pavilion KVU Aleš, 1954 - Brno, Small Gallery DU, 1975 - Adamov u Brna, Kulturní dům.