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Karel Nemec ( October 25, 1879 in Nove Mesto na Morave - June 17, 1960 there) painter and graphic artist

He began his studies in painting relatively later, after leaving a settlement on the inherited farm. He began studying in 1904 - 1909 at the Alois Kalvoda School of Landscape Painting. He returns home from Prague, farms and at the same time paints until the First World War, where he falls into Russian captivity, where he also paints and creates woodcuts. After the war, he devoted himself to agriculture for a few more years, but then a passion for the fine arts prevailed. He devoted himself to painting, graphics, illustration, applied art, carving and sgraffito. The free graphics were dominated by two-colored woodcuts, where he captured the mountain landscape and Rhymes-or lessons from the wisdom of ancestors and his own, which he supplemented with his own verses. He also dealt a lot with bibliophilia and exlibris. He especially liked medieval masters of woodcut and book decoration. His world and inspiration was a colorful theater of medieval armourers, brawlers, pimps and lovers, his characters captured with indulgent humor. He also devoted himself to the creation of distinctive sgraffito, the most extensive of which he realized on the church in the tower in Nove Mesto na Moravě ( 1928 - 1930 ) . He participated in several exhibitions of the Association of Fine Artists Manes and the Association of Moravian Fine Artists in Hodonin. He is represented by his works in the collections of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, the Horacka Gallery in Nove Mesto na Morave and elsewhere.