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Vratislav Hlava also Bem Rudolf ( 13. 4. 1874 in Rabin near Vodnany - 13. 8. 1955 in Susice ) painter

Studied painting from 1893 to 1896 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, initially in the studio of prof. Frantisek Sequens and later in the studio of prof. Vojtech Hynais. Successful study confirms the award of five scholarships and the final first prize, coupled with an honorary gift from the then governor in Bohemia. At that time he was able to obtain further scholarships, he visited Paris and Munich in 1902, in 1913 Italy, Capri, Slovakia. He has won numerous awards. In 1908, he was honored with the Arch Turk Award, and in 1909 he received a golden cross with a crown, a gold medal and the Grand Prix in The Hague for his originally conceived Christ. In 1913 he received the L. Schmidt Prize and Mrs. Mohr-Piepenhagen High Scholarship for Landscape Architects. He was a member of the Association of Fine Artists Manes and the Union of Fine Artists. His paintings were purchased by five ministries. He drew motives for landscape works from South Bohemia and Italy. He devoted himself to figural and portrait work. He was favored by a number of prominent and cultural personalities, who also often portrayed, for example, the painter Josef Manes, the poet Jiri Karasek of Lvovice, the violin virtuoso Marie Herites-Kohn and the opera singer Emu Destinnova. He also often painted still life. From completely straightforward patriotic motives, in 1919 he took the name of Vratislav Hlava, referring to his mother's yeoman ancestor. He had to rebuild his career as a recognized artist. The reputation of the stubborn “Hussites” was also confirmed by the choice of some themes. These are mainly portraits of Jan Zizka from Trocnov. The first study was made in 1916. Eight years later, one of them purchased the right to reproduce it with the Ministry of National Defense. It was published in 3,000 copies and became the most famous portrait of Jan Zizka by Vratislav Hlava. The painter decided to capture the massive ruins of Rabi Castle several times with a brush and a palette. He also paints the Otava River, which flows under the popular castle. The landscape of his paintings are also places of summer stays - Stozice and Zichovice Chateau. He also came here at the age of 81 to paint again in his beloved landscape. The accidental fall into the stream and the ill-considered decision to complete the work in progress in a wet dress brought severe consequences. Vratislav Hlava dies of pneumonia on 13 August 1955 at the hospital in Susice. He exhibited mainly in Prague in 1908, 1913, 1917, 1918, 1922, 1924, 1930, 1934, 1937, 1949.