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Zdenek Nemastil ( February 8, 1879 Zasmuky - February 24, 1942 in Prague ) painter

He studied with painters Ludvik Vacatko and Jaroslav Setelik. His main activity is landscape painting, he wanted to paint pictures for himself and his friends. For a long time he was looking for the type of landscape that would inspire him the most. He discovered it in southern Bohemia around Volyn, where in 1923 he organized his group exhibition. The landscape around the river Volynka, from Sudslavice, around Ckyne, through the quarry in Malenice to Sluk's mill were his year-round inspirations. He went out into nature with a stepladder, because he only considered painting in the open air to be real. His work is based on the tradition of landscape painting by pupils of Marak's school.