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Arnošt Hrabal (December 4, 1886 in Buchlovice - December 30, 1969 Buchlovice) - graphic designer

He studied at the Faculty of Theology in Olomouc, after his consecration to the priest in 1910 he was appointed chaplain in the German Libins, a year later he was privately studied at prof. Scheffer in Vienna, where the study was interrupted by the First World War. The experiences of war brought him back to the profession of a priest to study from 1924 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He was a member of the Association of Fine Artists in Moravia (SVUM) in Hodonín, with whom he exhibited abundantly. He was also a member of the Literary and Artistic Society in Olomouc.

Independent exhibitions

1925 - Vienna, 1936, 1942 - Hodonín, DU (with K. Nemec), 1966 - Prague, Exhibition Hall of the People's Democracy, 1996 - Buchlovice.