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Karel Javurek (30. 7. 1815 Prague - 24. 3. 1909 Prague) painter and restorer
Studied: Academy of Fine Arts in Prague year 1837 Frantisek Tkadlik, 1844 - 1850 Christian Ruben, 1850 - 1852 Art studio Gustav Wappers - Antwerp (Belgium), year 1855 Art studio Thomas Couture - Paris (France). Member of Umelecka Beseda, Slovanska Lipa, Krasoumna Jednota. He worked as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He exhibited with the Umelecka Beseda and Krasoumna Jednota in Prague. Represented by his works - National Gallery in Prague, West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen. He created and dealt with historical painting in the sentimental romantic concept under the influence and style of his prof. Christiana Rubena. He captured almost all periods of Czech history. Until the end of his life he was one of the most popular painters, funded and sought after by those interested in buying his works. His paintings were reproduced in the magazines Svetozor and Zlata Praha.