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Vaclav Spala - Wife Zanda

The portrait shows a close-up of a middle-aged woman, the wife of the painter Jana Spalova nee Rychlikova, nicknamed Zanda, sitting on a stone by the water. Her body is turned towards the observer, while her head is turned away. The foreground is complemented by tall grass, while the background is occupied by the water surface of the Berounka River. Spal's inventory shows that his wife Zanda repeatedly served him as a model not only for portraits, but also for figure studies, often set in a waterside setting. 

Oil on canvas 81 x 60 cm. Signed and dated 1925 lower left. Inventory number 113 - Zanda, Spal's own inventory of works. Professional expertise. Period decorative frame of French type richly decorated with relief ornaments, in old golden colour with light cream patina. Total size with frame 109 x 92,5 cm.


Price 896.000 ,- CZK.