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Bohumir Dvorsky (October 21, 1902 Paskov, Frydek Mistek - January 11, 1976 Svaty Kopecek, Olomouc) painter, draftsman and graphic artist, national artist

Studied: Higher School of Folk in Moravska Ostrava, 1917 - 1920 SMT, privately with painter Otta Molitor, 1924 - 1930 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (landscape specialty by Prof. Ota Nejedly, and by Prof. Vincenc Benes). Study trips with Ota Nejedly's school in France, Germany, Corsica from 1925 - 1930, later in France in 1937, in Paris in 1947, 1955 Romania and the Soviet Union, 1957 Italy and Paris, 1961 Bulgaria, 1966 Munich, 1970 Italy. He focused mainly on landscape painting, his works are inspired by Haná and Slovácko motifs. Initially he worked and worked in the Ostrava region, since 1939 in Svaty Kopecek near Olomouc, where he lived and worked permanently. In his work he also devoted himself to still life and bouquets, pastels and lithographs. He was influenced by Paul Cezanne in his work. Represented by his works: National Gallery in Prague, Museum of Art and Gallery of Fine Arts in Olomouc, Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava, Moravian Gallery in Brno, Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín. He has received numerous awards and honors: National Artist, Merited Artist, State Prize, Order of Labor. He has exhibited at home and abroad (Biennale in Venice, Europe, South America, China, Moscow). A prominent member of many clubs, associations, groups and clubs.