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Hermann van Swanevelt (Woerden? Around the year 1600 to 1655 in Paris) Dutch painter, draftsman and graphic artist
In his artistic beginnings in the Netherlands is not known, his first dated work is from 1623 (drawing in the Herzog Anton Ulrich - Museum of Braunschweig). In the years 1629 - 1641 he stayed in Rome, was a member here SCHILDERS Bent Bent under the name Eremiet. Also lived in the years 1632 - 1634 mainly together with French artists, then between 1638 - 1641 collaborated on a series of landscape paintings for the Buen Retiro summer residence of the King of Spain near Madrid alongside famous colleagues Claude Lorrain, Jan Both and other mostly French painters. Also reached on jobs for families in front of the Vatican as the Doria - Pamphili, Giustiniani and Barberini. In 1944 he was in Woerden and in the following year in 1644 in Paris as peintre ordinaire du Roy, alongside Jan Asselijn, Pierre Patel and Giovanni F. Romanelli worked on paintings for equipment Cabinet d'Amour Hotel Nicolas Lambert de Thorigny in Paris. In 1651 a member of the Académie. In Paris he remained until his death in 1655, among his numerous visits to his native town of Woerden.
He was a painter, draftsman and graphic artist Italy landscapes.