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Jan Loris ( July 18, 1893 in Hradec Kralove - November 19, 1953 in Prague ) painter, teacher, art critic, art historian and publicist

He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Prague from 1911 to 1919 and worked as a high school drawing teacher. Later he studied at the College of History of Fine Arts and earned his doctorate before World War II. He participated in the elaboration of the book Czech Gothic Painting in the seminar of prof. Matejcek at Charles University in Prague. His focus was mediavelist. He edited the Hollar Proceedings, where he also published. He was the administrator of the graphic department of the National Gallery in Prague, which he transformed into a scientific institute with a separate library and a professionally kept filing cabinet. He systematically built a graphic collection here. He wrote a monograph on Cyril Bouda, Quido Manes, portraits and astronomical clock of Josef Manes. He did not finish the inventory of the graphic work of Adolf Kaspar and the monograph on J. Marak. He was the author of introductory texts to the monographs of painters - Holbein, Kosarek, Cranach, Tintoretto, Master Theodorik. In his own work he focused mainly on exlibris.