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Jaroslav Grus (August 13, 1891 in Pardubice - October 13, 1983 Prague) painter

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under prof. Schweiger 1908 - 1912. Member of the Manes Association of Fine Arts since 1918, a founding member of Group 58. In the beginning he was influenced by Impressionism, then under the influence of the painters of the Umelecka Beseda, especially Rabas. The decisive influence was the trip to France. After a short episode of neoclassicism, he arrived at his own concept of fauvism, where the main role was played by colored areas and lines. After the war, his method subordinated to the drawing base, became descriptive and became interested in the technical aspects of the landscape (roads, wires, road signs, etc.) Contributed to the development of soc. realistic landscape painting. Since 1977 permanent exhibition in Jarolav Grus Gallery in Pardubice.