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Hans Erni (Feb 21, 1909 in Lucerne, Switzerland - March 21, 2015 there)

Outstanding Swiss painter, graphic artist, illustrator, engraver and sculptor. He studied art first in his hometown 1927-1928, later at the Julian Academy in Paris 1928-1929 and then in Berlin 1929-1930. He returned to Paris, where he made friends with the renowned artists in Paris. Formed under the influence of Picasso and Braque. He has been a member of the Abstraction-Création group since 1934. He has created many of his works for the United Nations, the Swiss Red Cross and the International Olympic Committee. He created a design for more than 300 posters, about 90 postage stamps, illustrated more than 200 books and about 25 medals. In Switzerland, the Hans Erni Museum is located in the Swiss museum of transport.