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Frantisek Havranek ( 13. 6. 1887 in Celechovice na Hane - 18. 12. 1964 in Vazec in Slovakia ) painter, graphic artist, publicist

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and continued his artistic education in Munich, Paris, London, Berlin and Dresden. He traveled through France, Switzerland, Poland and especially Italy to see and study the paintings of various famous old painting schools in Venice, Bologna, Ferrara, Florence, Rome, Verona and elsewhere. He also studied music and modern world philosophy. He lived in Vazec under the High Tatras, where he had a house with a painting studio. In addition to Hana, Wallachia, it is mainly based on the themes of the Tatras' villages, towns and the Tatras themselves. He paints the local landscape and people. He strived for a Slavic-felt distinctiveness of his own design. He works with all techniques, especially watercolor, oil, tempera and graphic techniques. Member of the Association of Moravian Artists 1913-1923, with which he exhibited, since 1926 exhibited with the Society of Fine Artists Tatran, which he founded and which brought together Czechoslovak artists in the Carpathians and especially under the Tatras. He often wrote art in various magazines, his initiative published a monograph Joza Uprka in 1921. His credit was the unveiling of a plaque in the castle in Bohemia in Hana, reminiscent of the frequent stay of Josef Manes in this place. As a member of Zwiazk Artystow Plastykow Sztuka Podhalanska, he aroused understanding for mutual recognition between Czech, Slovak and Polish artists under the Tatras. He worked to realize the art pavilion at Strbske Pleso.