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Jan Sebek (March 7, 1890 Prague - April 15, 1966 Capartice, Klencí pod Cerchovem, Domazlice) painter and illustrator

Studied: Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (prof. Svabinsky 1922 - 1923, prof. Alfons Mucha since 1926). Since 1933 he created and lived in Chodsko, where he moved with his family. Painted landscapes, still life, figural paintings. He found motifs for his paintings in Domazlice and its surroundings, Chodsko. In 1935, he painted a large painting for the town of Domazlice - the Hussite victory at Domazlice, at the instigation of the painter Alfons Mucha - who recommended him to study the Hussite period in 1932, and his large painting in the wedding hall at the town hall. In 1965 he painted a painting for the town of Tachov - Battle of Tachov, for the castle in Slavkov he created a painting - Battle of Austerlitz.