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Jiri Anderle ( 14.9.1936 Pavlikov near Rakovnik ) graphic artist, painter, photographer, illustrator, pedagogue and curator.

He studied graphic design and painting under prof. A. Pelc and prof. V. Silovsky at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague 1955 - 1961. After graduation he collaborated for eight years with Black Theatre Jiriho Srnce, which allowed him to thoroughly examine modern art in major art collections around the globe. In sixties he created several cycles Vesnické tancovacky, Hlavy, Bez kuze in the style of abstract expressionism, graphical design of these cycles using drypoint and mezzotint became the leading mean of expression for the following decade. Since 1966 he is one of the leading Czech graphic artists representing Czech Graphic school. In numerous graphic cycles he created one of the most impressive images of modern man in his mytological, historical and sociological surrounding. In his works he creates imiginary dialogues with paintings of old masters, duality of good and evil, beauty and ugliness, young and old age. In years 1969-1973 he was an assistant to Z. Sklenář and J. Trnka at University of Arts and Crafts, where he inspired new style of Czech graphic design so-called Sklenář school. He participated in numeral competitions, for example winning Grand Prix in Belgium in 1969. He is represented in all major galleries including Metropolitan Musem of Modern Art in New York, Galeria Uffizi in Florence, Stedelijk Museum Amsterodam etc.