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Haise Vaclav (Beech near Prachatice 16 September 1903 - Prague 2 March 1990) painter and graphic artist

He studied at the Prachatice painter Karel Alesch. Then he went to Prague, where he helped A. Wenig for two years painting decorations at the Vinohrady Theater. Then he studied at the Brno School of Arts and Crafts for a year. He also studied at the Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Then he joined prof. Svabinsky at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague 1932-1937. He painted figural compositions, flowers and especially landscapes. He had his first exhibition in Prague in 1944. Although he exhibited mainly Prague motifs there, his paintings Mlyn na Volynka and Burnt Mill from the early 1940s already showed him as a landscape painter in Sumava in its typical form. Mostly Sumava landscapes were exhibited in 1949 in the Vilimek Gallery. Over the past 40 years, Haise has organized 6 solo exhibitions, mostly at the Vaclav Spala Gallery in Prague, where he has always summed up the artistic efforts of recent years. Haise felt expressive in color and actually did not change his manuscript over the years, not subject to influences of directions and groups. With some exceptions, Sumava and South Bohemia became the main theme of his paintings. In the 1950s he created several paintings from the Central Bohemian Uplands, from the north of Bohemia or from the Prague suburbs, but the Sumava always remained the focus.