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Svatopluk Janke (January 3, 1909 České Budějovice - January 25, Plzeň) - painter, graphic artist

He studied at the University of Architecture in Prague (1935). He worked as an urban architect in Pilsen, taught by painter A. Kalvoda in Běhařov, he devoted mainly to graphics, mostly lithography. As a graphic artist, he captured mainly architecture, urban landscape and focused on visuals. He devoted himself to the use of graphics, ex libris, etc. In architectural design, he preferred classical materials. It is represented in the collections of the West Bohemian Gallery in Plzeň, AJG Hluboká nad Vltavou, the District Museum and Gallery in Klatovy,

Independent exhibitions (selection)

1950, 1957, 1979 - Pilsen, 1957, 1958 - Kašperské Hory, 1956, 1971 - Klatovy, 1957 - Blovice, 1959 - Horažďovice, 1958 - Písek.

Collective exhibitions

1950, 1951 - Prague, Fine Art, 1985 - Pilsen, Meat Shop, Membership Exhibition, 1987 - Pilsen, Meat Shop, Free Art 87.

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