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Ota Bubenicek (October 31, 1871 in Uhrineves near Prague - September 10, 1962 in Mlada Vozice) painter 

Brother of the painter Jindrich Bubenicek. He first worked as a lithographer at Haas' graphics factory. Then he entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he studied at the famous Landscape School of Julius Marak, also Antonin Slavicek and Prof. Ottenfeld, between 1899-1904. As a scholarship holder, he traveled to Munich and Paris in 1905, to France, Belgium and Holland in 1907. He was also in Dalmatia and northern Italy. Since 1907 he painted in Moravia, Valassko, Vsetin, 1908 in Horni Becva, 1909 in South Bohemia especially in Cizova near Pisek and around Hermanice, 1909-1921 in Protivin, Strakonice and Prachatice, Volyne, Zvikov and Orlik, 1911 in Tynec nad Sazavou, 1912 in Vrchotove Janovice, 1915 in Oldrichovec near Hostisov and with Cina Jelinek in Jilemnice, 1919-1920 and 1936-1937 traveled to Slovakia, especially to the High Tatras, 1922 in Svratka in Hlinecko and since 1932 painted near Mlada Vozice, which became his permanent home. He enjoys painting our landscapes with sun-drenched cottages, paths with far-reaching views, fields under high skies, old, shaggy trees. His realistic feelings of landscapes took on a plastic form, achieved by a distinctive modeling of color pastes. The plastic and malleable tendencies in his work, close to the decorative stylization of the turn of the century, put the painter in connection with the German landscape painter from Worpswede. He often captured the intact character of the regions with the abundance of folk buildings, which is why ethnographers are often accentuated by the documentary value of his work. He was also a co-founder and stage designer of the puppet theater Art Education. From 1902 he was a member of the Union of Fine Artists, from 1900 he exhibited with the Krasoumná jednota and the Society of Fine Artists Mánes. He exhibited separately in 1909 in Prague Topic Salon, in 1916 in Prague Rubes Gallery, in 1932 in Prague Municipal House, in 1934 in Mlada Vozice. He has had collective exhibitions both here and abroad in Munich, London, Venice, Amsterdam, Leipzig, Karslruhe, Poznan, Oslo, Begen, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Represented in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague, the City Gallery Prague, the East Bohemian Gallery in Pardubice, the Museum of Art in Olomouc, the Ales South Bohemian Gallery in Hluboka nad Vltavou.