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Jan Kreutz ( August 18, 1897 in Vienna - December 30, 1979 in Prague ) painter, illustrator in Prague

Study of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, 1915 - 1917, in the private school of painter J. Silhavy 1921 - 1924. Study trips 1924 and 1926 in Italy. In 1928 he went with Alan Forejt on a study trip to South, Central and North America. Comprehensive exhibitions: in the Rubes Gallery in Prague in 1937 and 1941, exhibited annually in Susice. He exhibited mainly figural paintings from the Tatras, Slovakia and Moravian Slovakia. He was an enthusiastic ethnographer, so his interwar and later work was dominated by figural painting inspired by everyday life of Czech, Slovak and Moravian peasants and Susice motifs.