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Karel Augusta (September 16, 1883 in Humpolec, died February 7, 1974 in Prostejov) painter, draftsman, teacher

Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under prof. Hanus Schwaiger. He worked as a professor of drawing in Klatovy, Kyjov and Prostejov. He devoted himself to figural painting, portrait and still life. The focus of its activities was exhibitions, which could only be realized in Moravian cities. There were eleven of them: 1903 Ostrava, 1904 Prerov, Uherske Hradiste, 1905 Prostejov, Kromeriz, 1906 Kyjov, Olomouc, Hodonin, Opava, Hranice and 1907 Luhacovice.