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Jaroslav Pos ( 3. 3. Prague - 12. 7. 1970 Tucapy near Sobeslav) painter, gallery owner and educator
Initially, he studied privately with the painter Reisner, then in evening classes at the School of Applied Arts in Prague. Then at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague with professors Josef Loukota, Jan Preisler and Otakar Nejedly in the years 1914 - 1921. He worked as a secondary school teacher of drawing in Prague. In 1924, a study and stayed with Colarossiho painter in Paris where he perfected in the landscape and figural composition. After returning from Paris again he began teaching job.
In 1940 he founded the Posova gallery in Prague  (now U Recickych). Until 1946 there organized exhibitions Group 42, Kamila Lhotak, Frantisek Tichy and other Czech artists. He founded and private painting school. In the years 1935 - 1942 was a national art appraiser.
In his work was based on the traditional concept of realistic painting, he took a figural paintings and portraits, also devoted himself to landscape painting and small graphics.
He exhibited rarely, never had been a member of any artistic society. Solo exhibition was in 1928 in Prague Rubes Gallery, 1944 in his gallery, which organized the Jubilee Exhibition in 1971 in Prague in Galerie U Recickych was arranged his posthumous exhibition.