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Jiri Jelinek ( August 12, 1901 - December 31, 1941 in Mathausen ) painter and graphic artist

He studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. From 1920 to 1926 he went to the elementary school under professors Vlaho Bukovac and Jakub Obrovsky, as well as Karel Krattner. His search led to Devetsil, where he exhibited in 1923. Between 1929 and 1930 he lives in Paris, where he is a student of Frantisek Kupka. At that time he became a member of an important art group and successfully exhibited with this company. In the mid-thirties he matures, painting Spain - as a symbol of anti-fascist struggle. The tragic of our national destiny is reflected in his works The Year 1938 and The Crying Woman. The maturity of Jelinek's work is reflected in exhibitions in Zlín. The first salon has oil Dynamics of color opposites, the third salon already has a social drawing Worker. At the exhibition of artists from Beroun in 1939 he was intrigued by the drawing of Young Kovak. Since 1941 he has become a full member of the Manes Association of Fine Artists. His name appears alongside the names of our artistic life. In addition to figural compositions, we can also find his still life and landscapes. He was also a book graphic artist. His life stories with a tragic end behind the barbed wires of the Mauthausen concentration camp testify to Jelinek's character character and artistic persistence.