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Macoun Gustav ( December 18, 1892 in Prague - October 7, 1934 there ) painter

He studied with Vaclav Jansa and with his recommendation in 1907 with Alois Kalvoda, then in 1908 - 1909 with Antonín Slavicek, in 1909 – 1913 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His main locations were Cesky Raj, Kameničky, Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, in addition to a short stay elsewhere in our country and abroad. For the last two years he has lived in Svobodne Hamry, where a monument has been built. He was an impressionist and a devoted follower of Antonín Slavíček. His work is very numerous, not always of the same balanced quality. He painted mainly autumn and winter melancholic landscapes. He was especially successful at painting trees and combining snowy and illuminated areas with a game of clouds. Macoun sided with the public and was not a member of art associations or societies. His solitude and life in the remote countryside did not help a dignified appreciation of his work. At the same time, his paintings are still sought after and belong to painters who are very popular with collectors and belong to a wider circle of Czech and Moravian landscape painters, influenced mainly by Mařák's school. He exhibited in Hradec Kralove and had a posthumous exhibition in Prague.