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Jozka ( Josefa ) Kacirkova-Rysava (March 17, 1911 Kozli - November 17, 1971 Vyzlovka)

painter in Prague, wife of painter Vlastmila Kacirek. She focused mainly on landscape design. She painted mainly landscapes, flowers and still life, forest, urban corners, work activities, pilgrimages, churches, harvest. The landscape is mostly where one of her relatives lived, from the native region of the Highlands, Luhacovice, Jeseniky, Vyzlovka and Jevany, Mukarov, Libusin, Jirny, Tachov, much in Prague, around his studio - us. Jiri of Podebrady, Stromovka. The paintings were repeatedly published in the federal magazine Dilo. She has participated in member exhibitions of the Union of Fine Artists in Prague since 1936, of which she was a member. She had a separate collective exhibition in the premises of the Union of Fine Artists in Prague in 1943. She was represented in the collection of the Ministry of Schools in Prague with the painting "Autumn on Karov" oil from 1943.