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Cenek ( Vincenz ) Melka ( January 10, 1834 in Nove Benatky - September 25, 1911 in Cluj, Romania) painter
He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague from 1847 to 1855 with Professor Engerth, then spent a short time in Dresden, after which he undertook a study trip to Europe and Egypt. From there he got to Romania and Transylvania in 1863, where he settled in Cluj and became a drawing teacher at the local university. He also taught in many aristocratic families. He became a popular painter and guide to Crown Prince Rudolf on his travels and hunting expeditions.
He painted and drew genre and historical themes, landscapes, portraits, hunting motifs and game, also folk types. From the beginning of her work, she painted with the intentions of the Prague Academy, later she became interested in traveling and especially during his stay in Transylvania, nature and depicting the local people in their clothes. He enjoys painting romantic motifs from the Carpathians, ethnographic scenes, Wallachian farmers in the market, gypsy camps, lumberjacks, fishermen and similar figures.
During his stay abroad, he sent exhibitions in Prague and contributed drawings to the illustrated magazines Svetozor, Halek's Flowers and others. He had a comprehensive exhibition of his works in March and April 1934 in Prague. During his life, he exhibited with the Umelecka Beseda and the annual exhibitions of Krasoumna Jednota and the Society of Friends of Fine Arts.