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Ludmila Jirincova ( May 9, 1912 in Prague - January 22, 1994 in Prague ) graphic artist, painter and illustrator

She studied at Rudolf Vejrych's private painting school in Prague (1924 - 34), at the Ceramics School in Bechyne ( 1935 ) and with prof. T. F. Simon at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Prague ( 1939 ) . In 1939 she was with the landscape school of O. Nejedly in Yugoslavia. Since 1938 she has worked with the lithographer O. Eiselt and the copperplate artist Mirko Pegrassi. She devoted herself to free graphics ( she created over 1200 prints ), illustrations, cartoons, exlibris, stamp and poster creation and painting. Member of the Association of Czech Graphic Artists Hollar since 1941. Her work was impressed by the knowledge of Seraut's painting during his trip to Paris in 1937 - 1938. In the fragile expression of his drawings and prints, he combines the precision of a small format with an imaginative hint. A typical artistic expression of her lyrical perception of poetry, music and nature is a female figure. Since 1936 she has created more than a thousand prints. The ability to empathize with a literary text combined her work with a beautiful book, mostly poetry published in bibliophile. It was one of the so-called wars of the Second World War, which had a clearly humanistic attitude to the world and life. The reality of the war was reflected in the motives of abandoned widow women. Strong content and intense lyrism, poetic realism of figural creation, sovereign drawing led her to illustrative work ( Villon, Shakespeare ). She perceived music very strongly, and for many years honored her father-in-law composer Vitezslav Novak. She collaborated with the bibliophile edition of Lyra Pragensis, also illustrated more than 120 watercolors of the Atlas of Medicinal Plants in 1951. She designed covers for records. She often found new possibilities in graphic techniques. Numerous exlibris formation was created in wood engraving, dry needle, lithography. In 1965 she made a cartoon of Slovacek M. directed by J.Brdecka, which was awarded the main prize at the Bologna festival. She participated in all major exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad - since 1941 she exhibited with Hollar, 1947 in Stockholm, Warsaw and Moscow. Represented in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague and many other state and private collections at home and abroad. Winner of many awards in the Czech Republic and abroad - eg 1964 Award for the most beautiful book cover in New York.