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Company Sandrik

History of one of the most central European brands of blades can be traced to 1895, when the factory was built on the land owner John SANDRIK, under which got name and fame in the former Austro - Hungarian Empire. The first products was luxury cutlery sets from silver that was mined nearby and were directed to the wealthier people in the monarchy. After only three years, but the company got into difficulties when the demand for luxury and feed the less wealthy people could not afford expensive products. At that time there was no competition in Europe and it was not possible to gain new experiences and inspiration for production.

The turning point came in 1900, when the factory he joined Jan Peterka, who found that to increase profits is advantageous to produce products for other social layers of the population monarchy. Cutlery and tableware started to be produced from alpaca and alpaca silver-plated. Production program consisted already had 70% of the production of cutlery, 15-20% of hotel tableware, table 15% of luxury goods and the remaining production was from nickel alloys. Sandrik won in 1918 on demand for the former Austro - Hungarian military navy and supplied about half of installations for hotels in Vienna. Already tomo-time contact was made with the firm of Arthur Krupp Berndorf, which was the largest Austrian company in this field and gave the job at that time 1500 people. Then there was also a capital entrance Berndorf into Slovak companies Sandrik.