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Jan Antonin Vocasek - Hrosecký (26. 2. 1706 in Rychnov - 26. 6. 1757 at the same place) Painter
As a young autodidact took Vocasek - Hrosecky attention Counts Kolowrat, who welcomed him into their services and enable them to training within a radius of artists active in the chateau at Rychnov. His marriage to Veronica Kapoun sister Rychnov carver and painter Jerome Kapoun Vocasek illustrates the close relationship of this artistic family who influenced him in his creative development. In particular, its cooperation with the Kapoun in the pilgrimage church. st. Havel in Rychnov, also perhaps brokerage contracts illustrate prayer books published for pilgrims to the miraculous Madonna Havelska. This is evidenced by the two title pages, created by Vocasek originals distinguished engraver court of Count Spork in Kuks Henry Michael Rentz.
In addition to the one surviving portrait of Prester John Vaclav Rehak from Bartosovice can be preserved works of small scale conclude that he devoted himself mainly to painting still lifes. Hunting hobby Count Kolowrat was reflected in paintings with hunting, fishing trophies and like still lifes in which the diverse arrangements to be shot birds, playing cards, knives, flowers, fruits and insects. Compositionally, choosing themes, and in particular way of painting resembling a miniature suggest that Vocásek could train with the painter J. G. Beitler also active in the chateau at Rychnov. Kolowrat also a rich collection of still lifes, comprising works of Isaac Godyna, John the Baptist Bouttatse, Cornelis Norbert Gysbrechta and Johann Georg Hinze certainly very interested in him and enriched his painterly vision.
He signed also "Hrosechecky (Hrosecky) 'by city Hroska in the Rychnov region where his mother was born.