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Antos Frolka (June 13, 1877 in Knezdube u Straznice na Moravě - June 8, 1935 in Dubravka u Strážnice) painter and graphic artist

His painting talent was noticed by Joza Uprka, who lived in the nearby Grape Lhota. In 1897 he entered economic service and painting teaching to Joža Uprka, where he spent six years. In 1902 and 1903 he tried to be admitted to the Academy of Painting in Prague. He lived in Prague for some time, but after his mother died, he returned to Joza Uprka. In 1906 he was admitted to the Academy of Munich, where he was a student of Professor Otto Seitz. In 1907 he passed examinations at the Academy of Painting in Vienna, where he studied under Professor Kazimier Pochwalski. In 1908 his father died and had to return to his native Knezdub. When the Association of Fine Artists of Moravian SVUM was established in Hodonin in 1907, he became its first secretary. In 1914 he received a scholarship to Paris. After the outbreak of World War I is mobilized. After the illness, however, he was exempted from military service and the front did not return until the end of the war. War motifs form an important stage in his work, as well as a number of fashion designs for the Modegesellschaft in Vienna, and for some time even became the chairman of this company. After returning from war, Frolka began farming and his free-time painting helped him feed his family. He settled in Tasov, near his birthplace, where he sat down and lived for his family and art.

For all his life he went in folk costume, spoke native Slovacko dialect, was an excellent musician, singer and dancer. He is buried in his native Knezdub next to the brothers Joza and Franta Uprka. He was a painter of the working people in Slovacko. He remained faithful to Uprka's artistic opinion until the last moment. He has become a peculiar peculiarity in our art life as a farmer. His work is an accurate legacy of folk costume variety in Moravian Slovacko, with a penchant for nuclear reality and a sense of precise detail. He exhibited with the Association of Moral Fine Artists and at exhibitions of the Union of Fine Artists in Prague, often in Moravia. He has participated in many exhibitions abroad, especially in Paris, London and Kiev. He is represented in collections of many state institutions and private collectors in the Czech Republic and abroad.