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Alena Cermakova (* 28.2. 1926 in Prague) - painter, graphic artist

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of monumental painting under prof. J. Obrovsky and K. Minař. The diploma thesis was the picture Collection of Peat on the Marshes (1950, 240x240 cm). She is a figuralist, she also paints the landscape, later still life, mostly floral. Oil tempera is an almost exclusive technique. He also uses gouache on his painting paths. He returns to the thematic areas of his paintings throughout his life. At the beginning it was mainly the topic of struggles for the liberation of our homeland. She worked in the Army Art Studio and worked, among others, in the team of Jan Cumpelik with the painter Jaromir Schor. She went to the Litomerice Region (Autumn in the Vegetable Region, Year in the Garden of Bohemia-eight-cycle cycle 1963). He finds a lasting inspiration in the village of Polomka in Slovakia (Old Woman from Polomka 1958, Haymaking on Horehronie, triptych 1967). She found a new shape and color richness in Uzbekistan (Magnolia with Uzbek Curtain 1974, Uzbekistan in Cotton Time - Four Paintings 1984). Now a member of JUV in Prague.
Solo exhibitions (selection):
1971 - Prague, 1972- Nelahozeves - Litomerice, Sc gallery, 1973 - Prague, District Library Prague 3, Motifs from Lusatia, 1976 - Prague, High School, 1979 - Jihlava, OG Vysociny, 1982 - Prague, Platyz Gallery, 1983 - Ostrava- Poruba. 1984 -Erfurt, Galerie am Fischmarkt - Prague, Platyz Gallery, 1986 - Prague, GVŠ, 1987 - Bratislava, Prague Gallery, 1990 - Pilsen, Works.
Collective exhibitions (selection):
Since 1951 he has participated in exhibitions of SCVU at home and abroad, now he has participated in exhibitions of the Union of Artists. 1965 - Prague, SČSP exhibition hall (with Macha, Gall, Netik and Klimcak), 1966 - Budyšin, Seftenberg, Weissenberg (with Inge Voss), 1975 - Vienna (with V.Fiala).
1974 - 1st prize for the cycle of paintings Fire in the Mountains, 1975 - prize for the cycle of paintings Flame Summers, 1976 - appointed deserving artist.