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Jaroslav Malinsky ( May 12, 1897 in Prague - April 26, 1979 there ) painter

In the years 1919 - 1923 he studied at the Prague Academy with prof. Vojtech Hynais and Vratislav Nechleba. The scholarship he received in 1921 in 1922 enabled him and Josef Multrus to undertake a study trip to Yugoslavia. In 1923 they traveled together to Italy. In 1928 he stayed longer in Paris, three years later he stopped in Paris when he returned from a trip to Spain and Morocco. In 1933 he traveled to the Netherlands and Austria, in 1936 again to Paris. He was a long-term member of the Union of Fine Artists and in 1937 also its chairman. Malinsky was the author of a number of portraits, genre scenes, but also still lifes and landscapes. His paintings show from an early age the pursuit of technical virtuosity, which was first focused on old master examples under the influence of Vratislav Nechleba, and later, after several visits to Paris, on French salon and academic naturalistic painting of the late 19th century.