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Karel Oberthor (15.7. 1921 in Prague - 30.6. 1996 in Prague) - painter, graphic artist

He studied lithography at the Industrial Press in Prague (1938-1940), he studied at the Ukrainian Academy (1940-1942) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1945-1949). He devoted himself to painting, free and small graphics, and free drawing. He created hundreds of exlibris, made mostly by bright coloured lithography or woodcut. He repeatedly returned to southern Bohemia, especially to Prachaticko. In landscape painting, he emphasized everything related to human creative activity. He also entered other thematic circles, among which the humorous domestic elves occupy a significant place.

Separate exhibitions (selection)

1952 - Praha, Hollar, 1958 - Hluboká, AJG, 1984 - Husinec (with Z. Oberthorova), 1987 - Tokio, Galerie Towo.

Collective exhibitions (selection)

1948, 1949, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1964 - Praha, Hollar (member exhibitions), 1984 - Hluboká nad Vltavou, AJG.

Awards (selection)

1979 - 2nd prize at the exlibris exhibition in Paris. 1982 - Lidice Medal. 1986 - Gold Medal of Strakonic 1st Class. The Medal of the Czech Peace Council.