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Zdenek Glückselig (February 16, 1883 in Kutná Hora -? .12.1945 in Prague) painter, illustrator and restorer

He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Prague under Prof. E. K. Liska since 1902, then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under prof. Bukovac and Ottenfeld until 1909. Since 1910, the reproduction of his paintings was published by Golden Prague.
On the basis of Hlavka scholarship in 1912 he undertook a study tour of Italy. Landscape painter, portrait, poster creator. He restored the paintings of Marak and Dvorak in the town gallery in Litomysl. The author of the decoration of the Peasant Mutual Insurance Company in Prague and the decoration of the Agrobanka Directorate in Bratislava, the Slavia Bank in Prague, the panorama of the Piestany Spa in the Thermal Palace there. After the war he painted a lot in the Orlicko and later also in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. His paintings were purchased in the past by Minister of Public Works K. Marek, French General Mittelhauser and Mr. Chalbal in Paris. He also painted the nooks and landmarks of old Litomysl.