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Bohumil Stanislav Urban (December 20, 1903 Kostelec nad Labem - March 28, 1997 Prague) painter, graphic artist, writer, esthetician, pedagogue

In the years 1921 - 1926 he studied with prof. Obrovsky, Thiele, Kupka and Krattner at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Thanks scholarships, which he received, at the end of his studies, he traveled to Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and Yugoslavia. He was extremely active on the Czech and European art scene. He was an artistic director of many magazines and co-founder of others. He actively participated in the activities of several art associations - he was the founder of the Association of Artists in Prague and an active member of the Association of Fine Arts Purkyne. He captured landscapes, themes from the outskirts of Prague, figural compositions with religious and social themes, floral and fruit still lifes with realistic paintings and drawings. He devoted himself to the portrait. The theme of life is represented by a woman and her charisma. He was a high school professor, a teacher at the University of Education in Brno and a professor of aesthetic education at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. He and his wife founded a puppet theater in Prague and designed puppets. It had a separate exhibition within the Salon of Independents in Paris and a traveling exhibition within the Royal Society of British Watercolors. Remarkable are his experiments with abstract art, which add another dimension to his work. In his work, he repeatedly sought to define a new, modern realism. Represented in the collections of the National Gallery and many other state and private countries in our country and abroad.