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Adolf Kaspar ( December 27, 1877 in Bludov near Sumperk - June 29, 1934 in Zelezna Ruda in the Bohemian Forest ) painter, graphic artist and illustrator

He studied at the grammar school and the German Teaching Institute in Olomouc (1890 - 1899). However, he focused on Czech society and on the initiative of prof. In 1898, Polívka (illustrated his May of the Lands of the Czech Crown) began to draw pictures of Moravian folk songs on the calendars of the Olomouc publisher R. Promberger. He led him to the painter H. Schwaiger in Bystrice pod Hostynem. At his recommendation he began studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under prof. Max Pirner in 1899 - 1904. In Prague he met Jan Vilím from the Czech Graphic Union, attended the private graphic school of Eduard Karl and perhaps the printing workshop of Alessandro de Pian the Elder. In 1899 he visited Wallachia, 1901 Slovakia, 1906 Italy, from the region of 1907 Munich, where he studied lithography, in April and June of the same year Paris, 1908 Venice, Split, Dubrovnik and Sarajevo, 1909 Tyrol and Salzburg. From 1911 he spent the summer months in Lostice near Sumperk, from 1912 in Rusava pod Hostynem, 1915 - 1918 he served in the army, 1928 he stayed in Spis and 1934 in Chodsko. He devoted himself to graphics, he created numerous watercolor studies, but he was best known as an illustrator - especially Bozena Nemcova's grandmother, Alois Jirasek's historical novels, various fairy tales, Neruda's Tales, Rais's and Winter's books. His work is related to the Czech tradition of the 19th century, similar to the activity of Umelecka Beseda. His illustrations were based on Schwaiger's drawings, pictures of the German romantic L. Richter, W. Busch, Baroque woodcuts and works by Josef Manes and Mikolas Ales. He exhibited individually in Prague. His works are represented in the National Gallery and other state institutions.