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Walnut showcase, with arch and etched glass

Ořechový skleník, obloukem a leptaným sklem (1).JPG

Walnut veneer, glass. Front, arched at the top. Front and side sides, divided by partition walls into three glazed fields. Front, door, decorated at the top with etched ornament on glass. Brass lock plate with embossed second rococo ornament. Sides (pilasters) on the sides, at the top with cut console and baluster. Profiled upper molding, cornice. Inside two shelves. Rear part with mirrors. Front legs S-shaped, rear legs in the shape of a prism. Central Europe, late Biedermeier style, 1860 - 1890. Height 165.5 cm, width 97 cm, depth 49 cm.

  • Measure: height 165,5 cm, width 97 cm, depth 49 cm
  • Material: walnut veneer, glass
  • Description: Central Europe 1860 - 1890
  • Price: 19.900 CZK
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