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Vase with a boy with a gift

Vázička s figurkou mládence s dárkem (1).JPG

White porcelain, painted, glazed. Circular base. Flute-shaped vase. The front of the relief statue of a young man holding a gift at his head. The front of the painted landscape vase. On the side stylized foliage. Top edge shaped. Rear side not decorated. Central Europe 1860 - 1880. Height 15 cm, width 11 cm, depth 8.5 cm.

  • Signed: unmarked
  • Measure: height 16 cm, width 11 cm, depth 8,5 cm
  • Material: white, painted and glazed porcelain
  • Description: Central Europe 1860 - 1880
  • Price: 1.100 CZK
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