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Six saucers with chinoiserie - Klösterle, year 1873

Šest talířků s chinoisérií - Klášterec, rok 1873 (1).JPG

White porcelain, painted and gilded. Amid saucers painted story depicting scenes from the life of Chinese - chinoiserie, oriental figures of men with green and red circles, juggling with balls in gold scrolls. Upper wide border decorated with embossed decoration with green and gold ornament. Marked from below - Klösterle, impressed number 78 (the year 1878?). Mark the period 1830 - 1895. Diameter 19.5 cm.

  • Author: Klösterle
  • Signed: from below
  • Measure: diameter 19.5 cm
  • Material: white porcelain, painted, gilded
  • Description: Bohemia, year 1878
  • Price: 3.900 CZK
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