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Silver-plated large knife and fork - pruned ornament

Postříbřený velký nůž a vidlice - prořezávaný ornament (1).JPG

Silver metal, galalite or parkesin. Oval, prismatic handles - made of plastic (galalite or parkesin). Serving fork, with five spikes, decorated with a cut and engraved ornament. A large slicing knife, finished with a tip. Decorated with decorative cut and engraved ornament. In the middle, embossed decorated ring. Original dark box, inside with blue fabric and velvet. Europe 1880 - 1920. Knife length 31 cm, fork length 24.5 cm. Size of the case 35 x 11 cm.

  • Measure: knife length 31 cm, length fork 24,5 cm, rozměr et
  • Material: silver-plated, plastik ( parkesin or galalit )
  • Description: Europe 1880 - 1920
  • Price: 2.200 CZK
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