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Rococo young couple with a baskets - Fontainebleau

Rokokový pár s nůšemi - Fontainebleau 1 (2).JPG

White porcelain, painted and gilt. Pair of statues of a boy and a girl standing on a Rococo decorative raised rectangular pedestals with gilt Rocaille. In the Rococo dress with gold ornaments, with a basket at her feet, standing on the lawn. The boy braced his elbows on the Scud, the girl has flowers in her apron, and rests one hand on the Scud. Marked From the bottom - Fontainebleau, France, from 1830 to 1862. Height 22 cm, width 14 cm.

  • Author: Fontainebleau
  • Measure: Height 22 cm, width 14 cm
  • Material: porcelain
  • Description: 1830 - 1862
  • Price: 11.900 CZK
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